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K Senovej interpretácii ľudského blaha

Filozofia, 67 (2012), 7, 570-581.
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The paper is focused on Sen’s analysis of how the concepts such as utility, material resources, capabilities, freedom or social functioning are related to each other (as these are used in explanations of human well-being and welfare). The question is, whether, regarding human well-being and welfare, there is such a concept among them which should have the priority over the other ones. Opposed are the interpretations reducing welfare to utility (a person’s income, the growing GDP and other monetary indicators) while Sen’s approach is appreciated for its taking into account the different individual needs and pointing to corrective measurements needed to assure the persons the dignity of their lives. In the second part of the paper the possible implementation of Sen’s approach is discussed.

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Capabilities, Equality, Freedom, Justice, Responsibility, Social functioning, Utility, Welfare, Well-being

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