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K problému odpovědnosti u Ágnes Hellerové

Filozofia, 67 (2012), 4, 269-281.
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Heller deals with the problem of responsibility explicitly and implicitly as well in all her works on ethics and morals. The author tries to show the relatedness of these two approaches. Attention is also paid to various contexts in which responsibility might appear, first of all to the responsibility for consequences which steadily attracts philosophers and philosophy. Further, the human autonomy, which is analyzed by Heller in her explorations of interpersonal relationships, is examined as well. Heller is prized for her personal involvement in dealing with responsibility and last, but not least for her ability to apply universal moral principles in the boundary situations of humans in totalitarian regimes, where they are objectified and not respected as human beings.

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Á. Heller, Ethics, Moral philosophy, Responsibility, Autonomy

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