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Súvislosti virtuálneho života a perpetualógie

Filozofia, 53 (1998), 1, 15-26.
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The conditions of selfpreservation had been examined especially in inanimate nature. In animate nature one had to wait for the results of its future evolution. The development of computational technology and, first of all, the progress made in software opened new ways for experimentations. The author is searching for unifying analogies and metaphors as the basis for his conception of "perpetualogy". He sees the endurance as a common characteristics of all three differentiated levels of being. He proofs his hypotheses by experiments conducted on simulating models. As their results show, the principles and laws of the material, spatial, energetic, informatic and temporal unity of selfpreservation apply also in those levels of being. The new finding is, however, that their validity is maintained also in "virtual" life.

The first part of the paper is an introduction to the issue. In its second part some results of the experiments conducted on untraditional simulating models of economy are presented. It is obvious, even at this first stage of experiments, that the experiments, e.g. with the models of the universal economic equilibrium, can be used as strong verification means not only on the level of the mental models of economic reality but especially on the level of the economical-mathematical neoclassical models. His conclusion is that the results of computer experiments could be an attractive subject of further philosophical-methodological analyses and falsification tests.

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