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Metodologické problémy systémového prístupu k výskumu spoločnosti

Filozofia, 37 (1982), 4, 505-515.
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Contemporary methods of disciplines in social research cannot be considered to be optimally effective systems methods. Social sciences for their task to reproduce theoretically contemporary social changes must be equipped with consequential systems cognitive and applicative methods. Consequential systems research which grasps exhaustively in wide and depth the very principles of internal and external relevance of the totality of component's of the whole is secured mostly by the team forms of internal cooperation of the competent disciplines of sciences. It is necessary to form a real functional order in the structure of research procedures in the sphere of social sciences by the complex of disciplines of an interdisciplinary team. Effective methods of the systems structural-genetical approach to research tasks and to theoretical reproduction of objective regularities of the social development must be secured and worked out In an institutional way.
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