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Genéza prvkov štrukturálneho myslenia v antickej filozofii

Filozofia, 37 (1982), 1, 70-84.
Typ článku: State - Z dejín filozofie
In the paper the author analyzes two conceptions of the notion „structure“ in the classical Greek thought. He identifies the first conception of structure with the classificatory model of structure and he calls it a wide conception of structure. The second, narrower conception of structure arises from considerations of several Greek philosophers and philosophic schools of various questions of organization, constitution of being and the origin of things. The question is the project of structure where, the stress is laid on simple differentiation, texture of a thing, i. e. on the localization (geometry] of components within the framework of a given whole (field]. The author shows that various elements of the narrower conception of structure were developed especially in the Pythagorean school, in Plato’s philosophy (the relational aspect), in the atomistic theory of Democritos and in the teaching of Aristotle on matter and form and its further aspects were worked out In teachings of other Greek philosophers.
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