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Hľadisko praxe v dialektike emancipácie a integrácie človeka

Filozofia, 36 (1981), 5, 522-534.
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The gnoseologic progress, achieved by introducing the category of practice in the analysis of philosophical problems of Man, manifested itself especially in connection with the question of emancipation and integration of Man. This dialectically manysided and innerly contradictory development of Man, the forming of his personal individuality and sociability was possible to understand as an ascendant lawful natural-historical process thanks to applying the aspect of practice to these issues. It is in this process that the human individuality constitutes itself as a natural-social being. It develops its practical-transformative qualities, its object-being and subjective dispositions thanks to which it advances to a higher and higher level of human specifity. To comprehend the dialectics of this process it means to understand the given problems in their closest connections with the question of differentation, the branching out of the structure of practice in view to its historically concrete developing types. This methodological procedure enables to grasp problems in their dialectical-materialist connections and in unity with the philosophical heritage of the classics of Marxism-Leninism.
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