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Funkcia vedomia pri utváraní socialistického spôsobu života

Filozofia, 31 (1976), 5, 449-454.
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The author in his paper deals with the question of consciousness in the forming of socialist way of life. The basis of the whole system of way of life is formed, first of all, by the changes in the material-technical basis, in economics and in the social structure. This is a very complicated dialectical relation between the changes in the structure of the society and the changes in thinking and acting. In these connection's the function of the socialist consciousness is closely analyzed. The new relation to work and the socialist way of thinking catches “the revolutionary feature of the development of the whole sphere of production” and with it connected economic and political factors (the managing,, the planning, the controlling). The connection of theory and practice and the merits of socialism with the scientific-technological revolution are fully manifested here. In the further part of the paper the author criticizes various non-marxist theories and conception of “way of life” and “style of life”. In the conclusion the author points out the fact how in the process of the revolutionary reconstruction of the society also the people are changed, their consciousness,, their thinking, feeling and acting. The new quality of the socialist consciousness becomes a mighty political,, economic and social power. The organic component of the socialist consciousness and way of life is represented by the common class interests, by the idea of internationalism and the awareness of the appurtenance to the world socialist system with the Soviet Union on the head.
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