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Miera integrity socialistickej spoločnosti

Filozofia, 26 (1971), 6, 581-592.
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In the paper we are considering about the rate of possible disintegration and integration in social processes. We have attempted to answer the question of the relation of integrity of the socialist society and of the rate in social processes. In the social motion objective disintegrating and integrating processes are realized. The character of social-economic formation and the dynamics of its motion and development determines the contents and forms of the possible integration and disintegration and it is an impulse to what is disintegrated or integrated, in which way and direction. The various forms of class struggle between capitalism and socialism influence, in a determinating way, the disintegrated and integrated behaviour of individuals, members of social groups, social strata and classes. That’s why a differentiated presenta.ion of the man has not only a quality and rate of its own, but first of all the class system quality and rate that express his social substance. In the socialist society the class-political approach of evaluating the social processes leads to evaluating the proper subjective rate of these activities from the point of view of class system rate and of the real social rate of the possible quantitative changes. Not' all quantitative changes in the motion of the socialist society are bound with its progressive development. Such disintegrated and integrated presentations of men that do not respect the aims and the lasting and unchangeable values of socialism and that transcend its real rate, tend to a regressive change, to a paralysis of socialist society. The working class and the communist party in a socialist society cannot support any forms of disintegration and integration. They have to acquire a class attitude to them, a concretely historical approach, to control them, to set forms, borders and barriers, to set their real social rate and to support only such forms and manifestations of disintegration and integration that accelerate the development of the socialist society and create such a structure that integrates the society without unnecessary conflicts. The aims and the lasting values of socialism become a real social rate and a decisive criterion of the disintegrated and integrated activity of men. The social revolutionary practice of construction of socialism is the final criterion of the rate of all disintegrated and integrated social manifestations and processes.
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