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Integrácia a integrita

Filozofia, 24 (1969), 6, 614-626.
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In comparison with the preceding period, the starting process of revolution in science and technology far more requires and enforces the tendency to integration on a national and international scale, which can gradually be realized only within the framework of more human communistic social relations. The attained degree of the integrity of mankind (society, an individual) is the expression of a certain relative equilibration of the objectively existing processes of differentiation, disintegration and integration. The social progression as a contradictory progression is a dialectic unity of disintegration and integration. Objectiveness of the categories of differentiation, disintegration, integration and integrity lies in that each of them reflects and expresses, n its specific way, this contradictory dialectical progression of mankind, society, social groups and individuals. The process of differentiation and analysis in their life, and the process of synthesis, totalization and integration are in a dialectical unity and evoke each other. However, social practice confirmes that a one-sided gradation of these processes evokes in the given social system disorders, retards its further development and makes it impossible. Though the results of differentiation and disintegration inevitably bring about the opposite tendency toward integration, the latter does not increase proportionally to the results of differentiation. Therefore, a purposeful intervention (of the Marxist party) of the progressive socio-political forces is inevitable in order that the integrative elements of humanity might be enforced more promptly. In the present paper, objectiveness of these categories, the necessity of thier scientific analysis from a Marxist standpoint, and the confrontations with another categories of Marxist philosophy are pointed out, in order that their position in the general system of categories in Marxist philosophy might be defined and determined. The present paper attempts to define the content of the above categories from the philosophical point of view, and intends to be a contribution to this part of philosophical discussion.
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