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Ontický proces a smerová logika L. S. Rogowského

Filozofia, 24 (1969), 2, 175-185.
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The present material is one of the papers in which the author tries to solve the problem of mental reconstruction of the ontical process, self-reproduction, ergodicity, the dialectical contradiction and structure. Such a reconstruction ought to be a logical and dialectical reconstruction. The work at the given problem is understood as a part of methodological scepticism which is to verify one of the basic principles of Marxist philosophy and method. The present paper represents a philosophical analysis of the attempt at such a reconstruction in L. S. Rogowski’s directional logic, i. e., it wants to judge how adequately the ontological and gnoseological aspect of the concept of ontical process and contradiction is being expressed in this logical system. Rogowski’s directional logic is a system of four-value logic (with the values „truth“, „sub-truth“, ,,sub-untruth“, and „untruth“) with primitve terms „N“ (initiation) and „C“ (directional implication) in which appears, besides the usual conjunction, also the so-called Hegelian conjunction. This logical system can be formalized and axiomatized. Theses can be deduced in it which can be interpreted in the sense of the Hegelian thesis on the contradiction of change and movement. These statements do not lead to an overfilling of the system. L. S. Rogowski’s logical system has important ontological consequences. It „models“ the ontical process (das Werden in the sense of an inter-state (Mittelzustand). However, the statements including the Hegelian conjunction or the so-called directional contradictions are not, according to the present author, an adequate expression of the dialectical contradiction. They express the conditions of its cognition: they represent the first directions for its theoretical reconstruction.
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