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Sociálne a politické javy dneška

Philosophica Slovaca, 1 (1946), 1, 7-20.
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After the Great war a sociologist must be interested in certain problems. Firstly it is the disparity between the development of the intellect a of moral abilities. The moral progress does not keep pace with progress of technical sciences. Further-as a consequence of the last two wars-we see on one side a growth of democratis nationalism, on the other side at the same time a rise of certain cosmopolitism, which enables a coalition of two civilizations as different as are represented through SSSR and 'the Anglo-Saxon world and which creates a refusal of autarkism and stimulates international help and division of labour between the nations. An other interesting phenomenon is the Court of justice in Nuremberg, which in future will set a limit — if not through moral influence, at least through fear-to Macchiavellian tendencies of certain politicians and will hinder the breaking of contracts and the cruelties in war. We do not condemn of course every mysticism and romantism of politicians and leaders, but it is clear that there must not be allowed no egoism — personal or national — in it. The most interesting phenomenon-at least for us-is the rise of Slavonic nations. We Slovacs must be very cautious in discussing this problem and we must avoid Ward’s «Illusion of the near«. The observation of world from the near standpoint of our own interests leads to misunderstandings-but ofcours we must avoid too wide and inconsiderate generalizations too. From all these observed phenomena we may conclude, that mankind was sufflcently warned by the cruelties of the last war and that it found the belief in the fundamental rights of men. in the value of human personality and in equal claims of all nations-great or insignificat. The nations of our State are especialy fortunate as they are leaded by the principles of T. G. Masaryk and E. Beneš, two politicians, who have founded all their politics on this very base and never in the least turned aside from it.
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