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Natural Sciences and Culture

(Original title: Prírodné vedy a kultúra)
Filozofia, 38 (1983), 1, 46-57.
Type of work: Papers - Philosophy and Culture
Publication language: Slovak
In the post-revolutionary bourgeois thinking the tendency to tear off natural sciences from other regions of culture (especially the art and the humanities), even to place them in opposition, prevails. This tendency, philosophically false and ideologically harmful, may be overcome in the philosophic way only by the application of new dialectical-materialist type of rationality to the solving of this problem. One of the starting points may be the thinking to the end of Marx’s idea of „one science“. Here the indisputable, culture-formative significance of natural sciences comes to the fore which is realized especially by a) the change of the scientific picture of the world, b) the change of the style of scientific thinking and c) the impact of science on the wants of practical approach to the world.
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