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Philosophical Foundations of Objective Ethical Norms

(Original title: Filozofický základ objektívnosti etických noriem)
Filozofia, 50 (1995), 2, 67-72.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The paper is an attemp at the justification of the objectivity of basic ethical norms. The author is drawing upon the transcendental thomism axiology, especially upon J. B. Lotz, as well as upon his own philosophical conception of so called experiential-evolutionary philosophy. For him values have a special status in the system of transcendentalia. In its transcending the dimension of being the value intermediates between the being as the subject of evaluation and its intentional evaluation by man. It is being in its unobjectiveness which provides the ground of values. The insight into an objective value is nevertheless made possible only by a special existential experience, especially by axioexperience, which takes part in its constitution.

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