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A Creativist Evolutionary Interpretation of "concursus Dei”

(Original title: Kreačno-evolučná interpretácia „concursus Dei“)
Filozofia, 50 (1995), 11, 610-614.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The author draws upon the conception of "concursus Dei" in philosophical tradition. He makes the point, that the coactivity of man and God should be understood in its complexity embodying the external coactivity (concursus simultaneous extrinsecus) as well as the internal one (concursus coniunctus intrinsecus). It is the internal coactivity of God and man that makes the basis of the cretaivist - evolutionary coactivity between the divine and the humane. This coactivity gives rise to a new, pneumatic reality as the basis of culture. The author sees the possibility of the internal coactivity between the divine and the humane in the very nature of human activity, which, being active and passive as well, still preserves its theomorphic character.

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