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The Scientifical Picture of World as the Subject of Philosophical Reflexion

(Original title: Vedecký obraz sveta ako predmet filozofickej reflexie)
Filozofia, 45 (1990), 1, 59-71.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The topical character of the analysis of the scientific worldview (SWV) is determined by various circumstances, especially by changes in the subject of contemporary science, by changes concerning its place and functions. In the paper two different methodological orientations in the interpretation of the SWV are outlined. They follow from the vertical localization of the SWV between science and philosophy. When defining the SWV the authors approach by means of analysis of functions of SWV in scientific cognition — the transformative, regulative and heuristic one. Special attention is paid to the style of thinking as one of very important layers of the SWV. By making difference between the view of the world of concrete sciences and the general SWV as two conceptual schemes which are distinguished by the place and function in scientific cognition the dynamic character of the general SWV is accentuated and by means of the latter the orientation of scientific research, the vertical and horizontal transfer of ideas, methods, principles, strategies and ideals is effectuated and simultaneously the communication between the sciences is secured.

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