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On the Relation of the Process Forming Personality and of the Socio-Cultural System

(Original title: Ku vzťahu osobnostne formatívneho procesu a sociokultúrneho systému)
Filozofia, 40 (1985), 6, 713-721.
Type of work: Papers - Philosophy and Culture in the Socialist Society
Publication language: Slovak
The author of the paper focused his attention on several topical problems which are related with the socio-cultural determination of the process of formation of the human personality. He substantiates the need for a permanent scientific investigation of these questions by dynamic structural changes of the sociocultural system of the life space which bring higher requirements of the human personality during the ontogenesis. In the analysis of these relations he shows great possibilities of Marxist social psychology, which has a broad scale of konwledge and an elaborated methodological apparatus, constructed on the basis of dialectical and historical materialism, at its disposal. This approach makes it possible to formulate certain directives from which it implies that personality, its genesis and formation cannot be reduced to personification of a given culture or to the process of the individual adaptation (such are the non-Marxist approaches); on the contrary, Man becomes personality during his ontogenesis when he appears to be the active subject of the relations, existing in the real structure of socio-cultural conditions. In the end of the paper the need is stressed to orientate further interest so that it may be possible to give and construct effective ways of the realization of formulated programs of the development of personality and of the socio-cultural system of the socialist society by means of the acquired knowledge.
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