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Social Determination of the Consciousness of Personality

(Original title: K otázke sociálnej determinácie vedomia osobnosti)
Filozofia, 40 (1985), 3, 285-298.
Type of work: Papers - Problems of the Formation of Socialist Personality and Socialist Way of Life
Publication language: Slovak

The control of processes of formation of socialist personality is formed and cultivated in the process of its own active participation on various sorts of social activity. It is above all objective social conditions of its life, the totality of social reality, social practice that influence formation of the consciousness of personality. However, they are not effective on every individual immediately, but are mediated through various „micro-settings“, concrete social relations, where the individual enters with other men, collectives and communities. All these determining contexts are inevitably „refracted“ and come through the unique individuality of the personality, through its specific qualities, typical of it only, through its individual life experience.

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