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The Response and Importance of Popularization of Darwinism in Slovakia

(Original title: Ohlas a význam popularizácie darvinizmu na Slovensku)
Filozofia, 37 (1982), 6, 739-749.
Type of work: Papers - The One Hundreth Anniversary of Charles Darwin's Death
Publication language: Slovak
In the second half of the XIXth century and at the beginning of the XXth century Darwin’s evolutionary theory of the development of biological species, which laid the materialist foundations of biology, came in the center of scientific interest. Ideological struggle which broke out between the adherents and opponents of Darwinism in Slovakia bore specific character. One part of Slovak natural scientists did not accept Darwinism (A. Kmeť, J. A. Wagner, P. Hečko, J. Kvačala), as the materialist evolutionary theory was not in consonance with their religious conviction. The first objective evaluation of Darwinism in our country was done by D. Štúr, J. Houdek, V. Mikuška. They contributed much to popularization of Darwinism in Slovakia, to overcoming of religious worldview and to foundation of materialist worldview.
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