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The Broader Context of the Philosophy of the National Revival.

(Original title: O širší kontext filozofie národného obrodenia)
Filozofia, 37 (1982), 2, 205-218.
Type of work: Papers - Methodological Problems of the Research of the History of Philosophy in Slovakia
Publication language: Slovak
In connection with the synthetic work on the history of Slovak philosophy that is being prepared, the author of the contribution brings up above all the question of the clarification and unification of criteria of its dividing into periods. She gives reasons for her opinion, following from the the contemporary state of the working out of theoretical-methodological problems of the Marxist history of philosophy, saying that already in the phase of preparing the division into periods the specific philosophical conception work is required which in its some aspects reaches over to the complex of metaphilosophic tasks of this philosophic discipline as science. From this viewpoint she points out, that it is necessary to divide into periods the process of the historical-philosophic development on the basis of determinations, connected with philosophic movements and systems, of its concrete historical phases and turning points and not on the basis of universally historical, sociological or cultural-political criteria only. Tre author elucidates the competency of these distinctions by the example of conceiving the national revival as a social-historical process, 'as a literary-cultural phenomenon and as a philosophy of the national revival. She analyzes the relation of the philosophy of the Enlightment and of the national revival, especially the philosophy of the national revival and philosophic romanticism as a superior system and movement characteristic of the philosophy of Slovak national revival.
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