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Agonistika a sokratovský dialóg: Euripides verzus Platón

Filozofia, 78 (2023), 5, 353 - 365.
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The paper focuses on the place of struggles, the agones, in classical drama, and how the Socratic dialogue deals with them. The first part returns to Euripides, for whom the agones are an important tool for developing the dramatic plot. The next section deals with the struggle between two brothers in Euripides’ Antiope and relates it to Plato’s Gorgias, in which the protagonists refer to Euripides’ characters. The last part asks how the agonistic changes from Euripides to Plato, and what this change means for the genre of the Socratic dialogue. The starting point of this part is Bakhtin’s study on the novel as a dialogue.
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Euripides’ Antiope, Plato’s Gorgias, Agonistics, Socratic dialogue, Mikhail Bakhtin, Novel as dialogue

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