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Jazyk a metóda metafilozofie

Filozofia, 72 (2017), 4, 312-324.
Typ článku: Diskusie - polemiky

The article deals primarily with the Wittgensteinian contributions to metaphilosophy as rendered in the book Metaphilosophical investigations (T. Čana – D. Kamhal – R. Maco 2015). It focuses on the language and methods of the metaphilosophical elucidations and, in some cases, puts these elucidations under criticism for an incorrect usage of the key concepts. Critical remarks are also made with regard to the methodological maxims that require simplicity and transparency of philosophizing. In addition, the article offers some alternative solutions to the problems at issue. These solutions are above all metalinguistic recommendations and intended as contributions to therapeutic philosophy.

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Conceptual analysis, Logical statements, Metaethics, Metaphilosophy, Therapeutic philosophy, Wittgenstein, Wittgensteinian method

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