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Model metódy (4): Aplikácia a klasifikácia

Filozofia, 69 (2014), 9, 737-751.
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The present article is the final part of a longer paper in which we outline a model of (scientific) method as a system of instructions aimed at a certain kind of (cognitively interesting) goal. Building on the results of the previous part in which the model has been proposed, we start with two detailed case studies that are used to illustrate it. In particular, we deal with the method of explication and the sampling method. Next, we introduce the notion of a variant of method and that of the essential core of method. Since our model is extensional, it leads to certain drawbacks that are typical of all extensional models. These notions are used to cope with some of those shortcomings. Finally, certain kinds of method are distinguished.

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Compound method, Essential core, Explication, Sampling method, Simple method, Variant of method

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