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Haeckerova kritika liberálnej tlače inšpirovaná Kierkegaardom

Filozofia, 69 (2014), 5, 378-387.
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Theodor Haecker (1879 – 1945) was an influential commentator, translator and pro- moter of Kierkegaard’s philosophy during the era of the German “Kierkegaard Renaissance.” In 1914 he published the translation of one part of Kierkegaard’s A Literary Review (1846) to which he attached a twenty-five-page-long Afterword. In the Afterword he engaged in a sharp polemic against the contemporary cultural and political liberalism promoted in certain German periodicals. He based his criticism on Kierkegaard’s findings concerning the leveling role of the modern press. Haecker’s translation and commentary create a philosophical continuum that attests to the lasting relevance of Kierkegaard’s thought. They influenced the thinking of a number of German-speaking philosophers, such as K. Jaspers, M. Heidegger, F. Ebner and T. W. Adorno.

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Leveling, Liberalism, Philosophy of existence, Social and political philosophy, Theory of culture, Theory of media

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