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Politickosť v iných javových podobách. Hannah Arendt

Filozofia, 67 (2012), 10, 805-818.
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Hannah Arendt’s project of analyzing the political in the era of the end of the political is discussed on two levels: first, as Arendt’s understanding the political “from the hermeneutical point of view”, i.e. as related to human “being-in-the world” (Human Condition); second, as her understanding it “from the performative point of view”, i.e. as a public personification, a masquerade (On Revolution). The question of how the political, which determines “human concerns”, or “human condition” renders the same human life in its private sphere as non-political and anti-political, is then discussed on that basis.

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Hannah Arendt, The political, The private

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