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Theodor W. Adorno: Dve tváre Kierkegaarda ako kritika spoločnosti

Filozofia, 65 (2010), 9, 821-832.
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T. W. Adorno deals with Kierkegaard intellectual legacy in tens of his works, which were being published in the course of more than three decades. One of his main concerns is rather ambiguous: depicting Kierkegaard as a critique of the society of that time. Adorno examines Kierkegaard’s social and political sensibility, as well as his theory of inwardness, and his idea of non-purpose, inter-subjective relationships. He points out to the devastating effects of conforming Kierkegaard’s legacy to the principles of existentialist philosophy. Kierkegaard’s views are also evaluated on the background of contemporary deficiencies of Western society, such as ethnocentrism or anti-Semitism.

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T. W. Adorno, S. Kierkegaard, Social critique, Existentialism, History of reception

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