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Samuel Štefan Osuský ako historik filozofie

Filozofia, 63 (2008), 10, 849-862.
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The philosopher and theologian, Samuel Štefan Osuský (1888 – 1975), who was an exceptional personality among the anti-philosophically oriented protestant theologians, underlined the importance of the rational attitude in the philosophical investigations of the fundamental problems. His researches in the history of philosophy (including Slovak philosophy) were continuous: he was a sort of a “founding father” of this discipline in Slovakia. His study of rich original sources, in which the method applied was that of positivism, resulted in publication of several articles and books devoted to the intellectual situation in Slovakia from 16th to 19th century, in particular to “national idealism”: Filozofia štúrovcov (The Philosophy of Štúr and His Followers; 1928 1932), as well as his Prvé slovenské dejiny filozofie (The First Slovak History of Philosophy; 1939), the first and path-breaking book in this field in Slovakia.

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History of philosophy, History of Slovak philosophy, Positivism, Methodology of the history of philosophy

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