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Silové prostriedky v medzinárodných vzťahoch a podstata použitia násilia

Filozofia, 59 (2004), 6, 434-447.
Typ článku: State

The author examines the role of war in international politics. His conclusion is, that the war is an inseparable part of international relationships, it is an a priori part of their nature, i. e. of a system, where the subjects are mutually independent, not subjected to any superior power and where everybody has to defend his/her rights himself/herself. Communities and states can live together in peace, or they can fight against each other. Every community, which wants to survive, however, has to learn not only to fight (otherwise it would be subjected and exterminated by the other communities), but also to come along together with its neighbors, for a permanent war would be destructive to it.

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