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Potrebuje postmoderna termín vznešeno?

Filozofia, 58 (2003), 4, 221-232.
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The paper discusses the category "sublime" as it was used by J.-F. Lyotard. The author argues that Lyotard had made substantial change in the category's content regardless to the history of aesthetics (even though developing the notion on the basis of that history). Lyotard's notion falls in line with notions "differentiation", "openess", "indefinite", "paradoxical", "contradictory", etc. If it is to describe postmodern culture, the sublime must be accompanied by other notions, and particularly by notions as "mimesis", "form", "originality", "aesthetic norm", and "catharsis". In accordance with the current developments in Euro-Atlantic culture the author argues that "sublime" is less valid for description now than it was before. Current culture is changing - it prefers norms and canons much wider than during last two decades. The time we were opened to tolerance and differences, is probably over, therefore, the author argues, the postmodern time has come to its end.

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