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Problém "vonkajšieho" a "vnútorného" v Bachtinovej filozofii reči a konania

Filozofia, 55 (2000), 7, 534-544.
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The main task of the paper is to show Bachtin's rendering the "external" and the "internal" problematic in his Marxism and the Philosophy of Language, by which he meant the pertaining limits between ourselves and the world, between the individual - psychological ("spiritual") and the social. The author argues, that these are not two distinctive contradictory spheres: according to Bachtin the "internal" is always organized by the "external" i. e. the independence of the former is denied. He supposes that the consciousness is determined by its embodiment in a sign. The consciousness is not constitutive of being, it is rather an immanent part of it, one of its powers.

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