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K problému vnitřního vnímání

Filozofia, 55 (2000), 4, 283-293.
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The paper is a contribution to the phenomenological analysis of the process of the inner perception as understood by Husserl and Patočka. It draws on the four stratas of the "stream of cogitationes" from Patočka´s Introduction to Husserl's Phenomenology: the stratum of the real transcendence (the things surrounding us), the stratum of the real immanence (the internal phenomena in their objective validity, as present in common psychological considerations), the stratum of the reel immanence (the description of the singularities after the transcendental epoche), and the stratum of reel transcendence (the retention and the protention as the achievements of the passive and active sedimentation in horizontal intentionality). The author discusses the process of phenomenalization with the background as its clue element, on which, like on a screen, the appearances are displayed. The background is seen as making the appearance "clare et distincte" in its original cartesian form possible. At the same time the background is seen as a whole, a context, a horizon.

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