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Poznámky k lidské tvořivosti

Filozofia, 50 (1995), 9, 459-469.
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The paper offers an analysis of creativity - a widely discussed issue during the last century. The basic standpoint is phenomenological, drawing upon Husserl's lectures on interior perception of time. As the author maintains, the way to creativity is through suppressing of certain aspects of our stance to future, which force us into the position of Heidegger's „Besorgenheit“. The result is freedom in Schillerian sense, which makes the choice of retentions from vertical and horizontal intentionality, as the part of our „stream of cogitationes“, possible. The choice of the intentions itself remains hidden for us. However, the change of our stance to future is the presupposition for the intentional choice itself, which is the core of creativity. Kant’s, Bergson’s and Patočka’s ideas on the problem of creativity are added as well.

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