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Filozofia, 50 (1995), 4, 195-203.
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The author is concerned with the question: How is the controversy between different definite vocabularies to be resolved in a multicultural society? Can this controversy be resolved by an impartial judge’s rule? Being neither a metaphysician, nor a romanticist aesthete in approaching the metaphor enables us to perceive the definite vocabularies of various cultures not as true, resp. untrue „pictures“ of the reality, but rather as competeting literary metaphors, built around the curricula, the symbols, the ideas, and the believes of particular people of different traditions, genres and life conditions. Hypotheses expanding our common language seem to be a better means of resolving the controvrsies in postmodern situation, than defining the rules of a language game, in which the Western Europeans became used to tell their lives narratives. Here the recontextualization of metaphors could be of use.

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