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Foucault číta Nietzscheho

Filozofia, 50 (1995), 3, 145-154.
Typ článku: State

Foucault explicitly drew upon Nietzsche’s philosophy and he even didn’t hesiatate to speak about his own „fundamental nietzscheism“. His reading of Nietzsche’s works shows, however, not only this affinity, but also his shifting, ordering and selection of these works. In his archeological studies Nietzsche was assigned that place, from which he himself tries to define his own philosophical position. It is a place beyond the configurations of the epistemological domain in question and beyond its principles. Here Foucault even doesn’t meet the principle of discontinuity - one of the requirements of the archeological method. His later project of genealogy is often said to be inspired by Nietzsche. In his explaining Nietzsche’s conception of genealogy he, however, avoids the concept of life in order to postulate his own idea of genealogical studies, in doing this Foucault makes the genealogy free from the Annunciation myth, deprives it of its prospects, filling up the gap by the concept of power.

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