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Donald Davidson a analytická filozofia konania

Filozofia, 49 (1994), 8, 492-500.
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In the contribution an original attempt is made to present one of the most influential anglo-american contemporary philosophers - Donald Davidson. Dayidson, drawing mostly upon Quine, sees the analytic philosophy rather as a tradition and an attitude, than a doctrine or a method. In his alternative of post-analytic philosophy important elements of neopragmatism are being found by its interpreters. Language along with action dominate Davidson’s concern, his general philosophical ambition being the interpretation of human mind, language and action on the basis of an inclusive theory. His theory of language is a holistic one, his theory of meaning being inspired by Tarski’s theory of truth. In Davidson’s works the theory of causation has been revived in analytic philosophy, suggesting that the grounds might be the reasons of action.

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