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O Finkově odkazu překonat fenomenologický pozitivismus

Filozofia, 48 (1993), 12, 777-785.
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The paper is a contribution to revification of two Fink’s texts: The Intentional Analysis and the Problem of Speculative Thought (1952) and Phenomenology and Dialectics, first of all of the idea of the „true encounter“ of phenomenological and „speculative“ thought. The first part deals with the relation between Husserl’s signitive intention and the intuitive apprehension of objects. In the second part Merleau-Ponty's idea that the intentional threads linking our thinking with reality are made visible by means of their temporal suspension is articulated. Finally, the conception of H. F. Fulda is outlined, in which the preconditions of reflection are revealed by critical speculation, what in fact corresponds with Fink’s idea of „the true encounter“ of phenomenological and speculative philosophy.

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