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Zákony prírody, paradox kauzality a Gödelovo cestovanie

Filozofia, 48 (1993), 10, 610-617.
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The article deals with some items of Gödelian time travel problem, wellknown as an illustration of a specific kind of causality paradox. Its first part presents ,the travel into the past’ according to several recent physical hypotheses, which, from theoretical standpoint, seem to make such an idea possible. The familiar concept of backward causation is also discussed; we need to accept and develop it, if we wish to escape this type of time-travel paradoxes. The second part of the contribution is devoted to philosophical interpretations of the precedence in order of cause and effect, and of the relation between temporal and causal order. The author claims, that if we wish to save coherent picture of nature, it is necessary to revise the concept of causality to make it compatible with the concept of backward causation.

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