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Ideológie a distribučné systémy

Filozofia, 44 (1989), 2, 145-159.
Typ článku: State - K teórii spoločenského vedomia a ideologických procesov

ldeological processes ought to be examiflecl also in connection with funcltioning of dilstributive systems wirthin whose framework the decisions are made concerning alternatives of disposing of rneans of production, politicai power, access to education and information. Distributive systems work differently according to whether they are a component of the market or plan economy. Modality and quality of the planning system decide upon social structure. As a result of attitudes to the existence and functioning ot the planning system basic constellations of interests and ideologies are being formed. The relationship of interests and ideologies is complicated by factors of discretionarity, chimerical nature and permeability.

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