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K aktuálním problémům výstavby marxisticko-leninské teorie kultury

Filozofia, 41 (1986), 2, 179-196.
Typ článku: State - Filozofická problémy človeka a spoločnosti

The author focused his attention on three irmerly bound spheres, of problems and concludes: 1. Marxist-Leninist theory of culture [or culturology) is one of the products of integrative and differential processes in contemporary science; it is constituted as a scientific discipline of the medium stage of generality between philosophy and special social scientific disciplines, forming numerous intersections with them. 2. Culture must be considered an „intersecting“ quality of all social phenomena within whose framework it is possible to delimit the sphere of phenomena where cultural function is dominating; in this sense culture exists also as a specific social subsystem. 3. Culture — both the product and means of objectification and development of human essential capabilities — is substantially a positive phenomenon. It is necessary, however, to study it in its concrete social-historical forms, comprehending also phenomena and processes that are in contradiction with this substance of culture. The centre of gravity of the paper lies in the analysis and argumentation, responding to some contradictional opinions of Soviet and Czechoslovak authors.

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