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K metodologickým otázkam výskumu dejín filozofického myslenia na Slovensku

Filozofia, 39 (1984), 4, 402-416.
Typ článku: State - Z výskumu dejín filozofického myslenia na Slovensku
The paper means a contribution to the more than thirty years old discussion on methodologic question of the study of philosophic thought in Slovakia. They are analyzing most of all the problem of the adequate undestanding of the struggle of materialism against idealism in the history of philosophy in general and in our national history in particular. The undialectical application of this basic principle of philosophic-historical process to the study and evaluation of philosophic doctrines in the national history of philosophy gives evidence of a misapprehension of the Marxist conception of the history of philosophy as such and its methodologic principles. The authors lie stress on the fact that an adequate understanding of the very complicated context of philosophic thought in Slovakia presupposes and requires a much greater attention to manifestations of the criticism of religion while taking into account the contemporary stage of the development and knowledge of the scientific atheism as a philosophical discipline.
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