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K ideovej orientácii hlasisticko-prúdistického hnutia

Filozofia, 38 (1983), 5, 565-574.
Typ článku: State - Z výskumu dejín filozofie na Slovensku
The ideologic orientation of the movement, organized in the reviews The Voice and Streams, was mostly formed under the influence of the inspirations of realism of Czech and European descent and, partially, positivism. The members of the movement around The Voice and Streams strived deliberately to differentiate themselves both from the conservativism of the representatives of the cultural centre in Martin with their traditional Hegelian-messianic total view of the world, their conception of the standing and the fate of Slovak nation and from Catholicism and clericalism. The paper is focused on the period of the activity of the members of the movement around The Voice and Streams before 1918, when the review Streams was edited. It gives the characterization of the criticism of Slovak Hegelianism, of their programme realism, rationalism and evolutionism. Also the propagation of science and scientific thinking, closely connected with anticlericalism and with throwing doubt on the religious worldoutlook was very important in the movement. In its ideologicalpolitical activity it formulated need and expectations of the growing Slovak bourgeouise which demanded participation in the economic and political life in Slovakia.
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