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Intuitivistická dezinterpretácia marxizmu v slovenskej filozofii

Filozofia, 38 (1983), 5, 553-564.
Typ článku: State - Z výskumu dejín filozofie na Slovensku
The contribution is concerned with the history of Slovak philosophy in the years 1945 to 1948. It is focused on the campaign of the representatives of the intuitive realism which was launched against progressive opinions and the philosophy of Marxism in the period after the World War II. In the paper the criticism and desinterpretation by intuitivism of Marxist-Leninist thinking, above all, in gnoseology is examined as it was in this sphere where the stress was laid by the intuitivists. In the end of the paper it is stated that due to its biased and anti-scientific character the intuitivist criticism and desinterpretation of Marxist-Leninist opinions could not exert any influence on the progress of Marxist philosophy in Slovakia and did not afflicted the development of the main line of philosophic thinking after 1945.
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