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Marxisticko-leninská metóda dejín filozofie

Filozofia, 35 (1980), 5, 473-486.
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Marxist-Leninist history of philosophy investigates variability of philosophical doctrines, their concrete-historical content and character that changes dynamically and is developed in contradictional unity. To grasp, to appropriate and to explain this dynamic variability and contradictional development of history of philosophy is a complicated problem which evidently proves that issues of methodology and method in structure -of historical-philosophical knowledge are very topical and need adequate theoretical investigation. The author holds that Marxist-Leninist method of history of philosophy is a dialectical structure 1. of historical-social analysis, 2. of historical-logical-gnoseological analysis, 3. of dialectics as a method of history of philosophy. Such a conception of the method makes it possible for our historical-philosophical science to explain the history of philosophy as specifically historical process of development of human thought, especially in its social-economic determination. This conception of method makes it possible, at the same time, i. e. to conceive that history of philosophy stands for the same philosophy which reflects itself through its own philosophical means.
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