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Filozofia v etape budovania rozvinutej socialistickej spoločnosti

Filozofia, 34 (1979), 1, 3-15.
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The author deals with the tasik of philosophy in the stage of building-up the advanced socialist society. The paper contains 4 parts: 1. the political-ideological function of philosophy. 2. Philosophy as a factor of social progress. 3. Sociological conceptions as a basis of attacks on Marxist thinking. 4. Basic tasks of philosophy in the stage of the advanced socialist society. The first three parts represent actually a theoretical-methodological entry into the problems (the fourth part), in which the contemporary problems of Marxist-Leninist philosophy are analyzed. They include this circle of problems: the problems of the scientific world outlook, the regularities of development of the advanced socialist society, the problems of the scientific-technological revolution and criticism of bourgeois ideology. Solving these problems on the basis of Marx’s, Engels’ and Lenin’s works, the concrete, historical, class- and party approach must prevail. The author has concluded his deliberations in the sense that in the struggle and effort for humanization of human society, for economic, social and spiritual liberation of man, for a full development of personality in an advanced, healthy collective, philosophy within the frame of Marxism-Leninism has its high and supreme mission: to help at not only explaining, but changing the world.
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