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Iniciatívy diela Igora Hrušovského v kontexte vývoja slovenskej filozofie

Filozofia, 32 (1977), 2, 125-144.
Typ článku: State - 70. narodeniny akademika Igora Hrušovského
When looking back, at the anniversary of the 70th birthday of the Academician Igor Hrušovský, into the past and analyzing the life and work of the scholar, pedagogue and man, we cannot miss to note his manysided and very important contribution to the development of Slovak philosophy and special sciences. It was just Igor Hrušovský who professed the effort for a mass spreading of science and philosophy, but at the same time he did not neglect its spreading sololy on the exact background. His philosophical conception of the dialectics of history and culture, the questions of scientific methodology, gnozeology and logic, and, last but not least, the history of philosophy — these are the problems that he not only brought on the basis of his research the seriously and systematically classified pieces of knowledge, but he showed the paths for philosophy, science and art to follow in order to assume always a more precise scientific and artistic character.
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