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K niektorým otázkam špecifickosti morálky ako spoločenského javu

Filozofia, 32 (1977), 1, 78-83.
Typ článku: State - Filozofia a spoločnosť
The problems of morale enjoy more and more attention of philosophers. Also the questions of its specificity come to the centre of their interest. Investigating some aspects of science and morale and in connection with it also the question of the functions of morale we have come to the conclusion that morale is a specific social phenomenon surpassing the form of social consciousness because besides the moral consciousness it contains also the moral relations and moral practice. The morale is an instrument of harmonizing the relation of man and collective or society from the aspect of class interest in the starting classless society. The morale thus serves, first of all, the evaluation, orientation, regulation and education of social subject from the viewpoint of the interest of a class or society. Therefore it is both an instrument of preserving the given order with reactionary classes and one of changing the world with the starting progressive classes. Its cognitive content is subdued to the functions that it fulfills in the society.
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