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Technika ako filozofický problém

Filozofia, 26 (1971), 4, 355-364.
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The notion „technology“ is understood by many authors from the socialist countries in a simplified way, first of all its instrumental aspect is taken absolutely. The anthropological basis of technology is being ignored or not too much importance is assigned to it. Such a metaphysical and a-historical approach to technology takes into account only the result of human activity separated from its originator, it absolutizes only a certain concretely industrial phase of the development of the system „man — technology“. The consequences of such a conception of technology is negatively reflected in the relation to man as well as in the relation to nature. Technology is an achievement of man, it is not given by nature, neither does it operate by itself as nature does. It has been created by man. It presents itself as a dynamic element by means of which man constantly activates the world and himself. Its sense and importance can be correctly evaluated only in broader social connections. It operaters always within the system of social relations, it becomes one of the elements of social organism. As a certain part of the structured human activity technology belongs to the basic categories of Marxist philosophy. Technology becomes thus an important category namely in relation to man, in relation to the development of his creative powers. In interaction with man technology ceases to be a purpose in itself and becomes a factor of existence in man’s development.
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