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Jaspersova filozofia „možnej existencie“

Filozofia, 21 (1966), 3, 382-394.
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The study aims at an analysis and explanation of the basic notions and intentions of Jaspers’s philosophical teaching. At the same time, and this is of particular significance, it means to affect the specific signs of Jaspers’s way of philosophical reasoning which is marked by a particular internal motion and tension protecting itself against a rational notion analysis — an analysis separating a dynamic current of thought from static notions. Hence, in explaining the central notion in Jaspers's philosophy (das Umgreifened, Dassein, Ichsein etc.), the author investigates. their special role and significance, and before all else, the fact that Jaspers does not build on ready-made notions, but that his notions derive from problems, that they grow, are being created. In her study, the author further proves that the specificity and even inconsistencies in Jaspers’s philosophy stem from his endeavours to integrate in Kierkegaard’s line that which by its own nature is unsystematic and mythical. At the same time, she shows that Jaspers’s philosophy precludes any approach aiming at its systematic and rational analysis. Hence, she chooses a procedure through which she intends to penetrate into its internal structure and strives to understand this in its authentic composition, in its intentions and aims.
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