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Moritz Schlick, viedenský scientizmus a nová filozofia

Filozofia, 71 (2016), 8, 680-695.
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Moritz Schlick, the founder and leader of the Vienna Circle, occupies a position of importance in the history of modern philosophy. Our article is dedicated to memory of the thinker, who tragically died after a plot on him inside the Vienna University in June 1936. Schlick’s enduring contribution to the world philosophy is the fount of logical positivism. He was well prepared to give a new impetus to the philosophical questing of the future of philosophy. This paper offers a description of the foundations of Schlick’s philosophy.

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Logic, Logical positivism, M. Schlick, Mathematics, Metaphysics and ways of its criticism, Natural sciences and the method of philosophy, Turn and reconstruction of philosophy

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