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Filozoficko-literárna činnosť Milana Ziga v šesťdesiatych rokoch minulého storočia

Filozofia, 70 (2015), 10, 853-864.
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The contribution offers a critical survey of philosophico-literary writings of the Slovak philosopher Milan Zigo (with a special attention paid to his reflections and reviews) which appeared in the 1960s in the journal Slovenské pohľady. Distinctive features of Zigo’s insights are identified, whose leitmotif is seen by the author as Zigo’s implicitly critical attitude towards the one-sided ideologization of Marxist philosophy. Further, attention is paid to particular issues investigated by Zigo: underlined is his understanding of humanism, the relationship between philosophy and humanities, as well as between philosophy and literature and, last, but not least, the dialogue with Western philosophies.

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Dialogue, Humanism, Literature, Marxism, Philosophy

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