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Fenomenológia a kubizmus – možnosti zblíženia

Filozofia, 70 (2015), 10, 831-841.
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This study explores particular aspects of the relationship between phenomenology and cubism deriving from the description of their parallels and affinities as described in the analyses of Czech theoreticians M. Bayerová and T. Vlček. First, attention is paid to their common genealogy with the accent put on Czech cubism and Central- European philosophical and cultural area, which enable the rapprochement of them. In the second part of the paper several philosophical issues such as perception, space, corporeality, as well as art expressions (polyperspectivity, geometrization, and pure form) are scrutinized. In the last part a stronger hypothesis is offered, according to which there is an intersection between phenomenological and cubistic methods: in both of them the impact of eidetic reduction, modification and image elaboration is the same.

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Cubism, Perception, Phenomenological method, Phenomenology, Polyperspectivity, Space

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